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Great Circle Promotions - project management for trade show exhibitors
Great Circle Promotions
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Trade Show Exhibitor Support

Note to Exhibitors from Great Circle Promotions... Exhibiting at trade shows can, for many companies, be their strongest form of marketing and branding. However, many small to mid-sized companies do not have the staff available to address many of the issues unique to trade shows. As a partner, Great Circle Promotions can effectively increase the return on your trade show investment.

Advantages to using Great Circle Promotions:

  • Help save your company money:
  • GCP passes all discounts on to the client.
  • GCP does not charge referral fees.
  • GCP meets all crucial deadlines and early registrations.
  • Allow your company to take advantage of our strong vendor-base and industry contacts.
  • Aide in freeing up the time of your already busy staff and allow them to focus on their specialties.
  • Create and promote your booth as an “event” by using innovative marketing strategies.
  • Work with your company to create a pricing structure to accommodate your budget.
  • Allow your company to take advantage of our meticulous attention to details, timelines and budgets.

  • Great Circle Promotions

    What can Great Circle Promotions do for your company?

  • Research and select the most appropriate shows.
  • Expose your company to new shows in different markets.
  • Select strategic booth space.
  • Assist in design, construction and shipment of exhibit.
  • Oversee all or part of show logistics to suit the needs of your company.
  • Develop and manage a realistic timeline and budget.
  • Submit order forms and remit payments for on-site services.
  • Develop and / or integrate marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.
  • Select and manage vendors.
  • Supervise labor.
  • Register all booth staff.
  • Schedule and book exhibit staff transportation and accommodations.
  • Train booth staff.
  • Create and integrate an effective lead tracking system.
  • Define and perfect pre- and post-show marketing strategies.
  • Provide booth staff during show hours as needed.
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